After Xmas I didn’t know what to expect.  New year can go one of two ways in a club/pub. But this was epic!  Since Carly has taken over as manager she has really embraced the pub and brought a new feel of belonging to it.  It was an honour once more to grace the DJ booth and play into a crowd of over 450 people to see in 2016. The vibe was of excitement in many ways for me as i see 2016 as a big year for me in pushing the business forward.  I guess I have grown a lot over 2015 and have a very clear path I would like to take things into 2016.  New year is a great time for reflection and since the launch of this site I have been overwhelmed by its success and I owe a lot of thanks to Tim Keay for the great support in developing my site and really delivering on what shows off my business the best way possible.  So to ALL my customers of 2015 I thank you.  2016 I am more than excited for my future bookings and delivering on all your party or wedding dreams you have.  so here is to 2016 may all of you excel and enjoy a fruitful year ahead!